Victron Repair Centre

Lodge a Warranty Investigation Request (RMA)

Victron works on a ‘back to base’ warranty arrangement, therefore if you have purchased your unit elsewhere, please contact the company you purchased the unit from, if you are unsure who this is, email with your serial number.

Once we receive your unit and complete the investigation, we will let you know of the outcome. If the unit is deemed “no fault found” you will be invoiced with the investigation costs and any return shipment costs, which must be paid before the unit is returned to you.

If the unit is deemed faulty, we will lodge a repair/replace request with the Victron Service Team, they will choose if the unit is repairable or replaceable. We cannot replace any units prior to Victron’s decision. Please contact us at if you have any further questions!

To start this process, please fill in the form below.
If you cannot drop your unit off, please post it to us at:
Att: Victron Repair Centre,
42 Renver Road,
Clayton VIC 3168.

Please ensure your request number is clearly written on the unit itself or on the box.