Booking & Consultations

  • Need off-grid power?
  • Interested in getting custom electrical system?
  • Have a million questions which can’t be answered online?

Come in for a consolation!

Whether you have some idea, or none, our auto-electrical specialist; Darren, is just the person you need to talk to!

With over 40 years of experience in all things automotive & electrical, he is happy to answer any question you have and put your mind at ease for your electrical-fit-out.

We pride ourselves on high quality work, done right the first time; and being the Victron Service Partner for Victoria, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best service possible!

Our consultations cost $120 for approximately an hour, which is credited on your final invoice when you book with us! 

Before your consultation (information we need from you):

  1. Basic Vehicle Information
    – Vehicle Type, Brand & Model
    – Rego / VIN number
    – Vehicle Length
  2. Electrical Appliance List
    – Create a list of all the items and their consumption rates – this will help us figure out what size system you need!
    Click here for an example list (but it is best to check the appliance tag)
  3. Do you want to be plugged into 240V for charging?
  4. Do you want solar?
  5. Do you want any lighting/switches?
  6. Do you want any accessory sockets, Anderson plugs, etc. ?
  7. Do you want AGM or Lithium Batteries?
  8. Do you need a heater?
  9. Do you need a roof vent/ fan?

During your consultation:

  1. Discuss your requirements list and options
  2. Discuss placements & take measurements 
  3. Sketch a wiring diagram 
  4. Provide an estimation for products and labour

The Retropower Difference:

  • We can provide you with different cost/benefit options
  • We can split your booking into different stages to suit you budget – just let us know!
  • We always over-estimate on labour so your final invoice will never go over the estimate!
  • We pride ourselves on the best quality work that will withstand the toughest conditions!

Limitations –  Solar Panels:

  • Some vehicles roofs aren’t engineered to support solar panel installations.
  • We will make recommendations for the longevity of the vehicle, the safety of you and our staff.